Summer Isle – Britain in the third century

An archaeological and historical tour of Britain

Birgitta Hoffmann

30th April              The split province: The army and government in the 3rd century

7th May                 Regencies and child emperors II: Severus Alexander

21st May               Living together: Life in the Cities and the new towns

28th May               Life in the countryside & the rise of the country house

11th June               New gods, old gods: the changing face of religion


The lectures can be attended individually or as a complete course.

Day: Thursdays Time: 2pm– 4pm

5 weeks, starting May 30th- June 11th 2020.
Please note: The following dates in the autumn would repalce the original dates of the Summer brochure: 1st October for 30th April, 8th October for 7th May ,15th October for 21st May,  22nd October for 28th May and 29th October 2020 for 11th June. 

If we have to cancel due to Covid-19. If the lectures have to be cancelled:, the lectures and your bookings will be automatically moved to the dates indicated above unless you indicate otherwise at the time of booking or within 5 days of receiving the cancellation of the summer date (by phone or email). 


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