From Bog Bodies to Hillforts: the British Iron Age & North West England

Mike Nevell

This introductory course will look at the some of the new material that has been uncovered in the last 30 years for the Iron Age in North West England, from bog bodies and gold coins to hillforts and roundhouses. Placing the region in a British context the course will look at the regional and national evidence for settlement and ritual in the Iron Age. Was this a warrior society or something much more complex and what was the role of the communities of North West England.

The course programme is:

  1. Introduction – Opening Up the Landscape: the First Farmers in the North West
  2. Iron making, iron extraction and metalwork
  3. Settlement 1: Farming and farmsteads
  4. Settlement 2: Hillforts
  5. Settlement 3: Brochs to proto-towns – regional diversity
  6. Ritual 1: Lindow Man & British Bog Burials
  7. Ritual 2: Burials, cremation and votive deposits – regional diversity
  8. Trade and European links
  9. Salt making in Cheshire and on the coast
  10. The Impact of the Roman Conquest – A Roman Iron Age?

Recommended reading (for publication in brochure):

  • Asbridge, T., The Crusades – The War for the Holy Land, Simon & Schuster, 2012.
  • Riley-Smith, J, The Crusades: A History, Continuum, 2005.

Day:  Wednesdays  Time: 7-9pm

10 week course from Wednesday 27th September to 6th December 2017 (including halfterm)

South Trafford Archaeology Group Headquarters (
behind the old Hall
Altrincham Golf course
Stockport Road
WA15 7LP

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£65 n/a 8 30

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To book contact Mike Nevell, University of Salford, Centre for Applied Archaeology, Peel Building, Crescent, Salford, M5 4NW email: phone:  0161 295 3825

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