Lamb Guild – November 2017

                                     LAMB GUILD UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2017 

The process of winding-up the Lamb Guild of Holly Royde has continued with a cheque for the initial donation of £10,000 being handed over to the Wilmslow  Guild on 15th September. This was funded by closing two of the three NS&I Investment Accounts, the Albert Bradshaw Award and the Hughes Scholarship Fund. The Lamb Guild now has remaining assets of f2,300.46 in our Barclays Current Account and £1,693.40 in our General NS&I Investment Account, current liabilities are estimated at £291.73.    

The Sybil Lamb Bequest has been the subject of discussions with and within the University following the submission of my dossier, The Bequest will be taken out of endowment so that expenditure will no longer be limited to the income. Merging the Bequest into the Student Support or Teaching Funds appeared too vague and it was suggested instead that the Bequest be used for the benefit of Mature students. The following amplification has just been received from the University:-

To use the Bequest to fund Sybil Lamb Scholarships for Mature Students who:

a, Are studying an undergraduate course at the University of Manchester

b. Came to the University by completing an Access to Education Diploma (this           specifically prepares those without traditional qualifications for university entry)

c. Have a household income of less than £25,000.

A typical scholarship would be £1,000 per annum for three years. These students are also eligible for a Manchester Bursary of £2,000 per annum funded from core University funds.

The total value of the Sybil Lamb Bequest at 31st July was £25,937.66.

The winding-up process will now be completed by paying Birgitta for the MANCENT Mail-outs (due December), settling miscellaneous amounts owed to me, and closing the last NS&I Investment Account. The Barclays Current Account will then be closed, the balance going to the Wilmslow Guild. I shall send a copy of the final Statement of Account to those on my Lamb Guild e-mail list, hard copies may be ordered by sending me a request with a DL (11 x22cm) SAE.

Unfortunately, I have several items of bad news to report. Firstly that stalwart of the Guild Bill Ovington died on 12th October at Whiteley Retirement Village, Surrey, aged 97.  His funeral took place on 6th November at East Didsbury Methodist Church, at which he and Dorothy were regular attenders. Bill had a very active life in addition to his extensive work for the Lamb Guild. His daughter Lesley’s husband gave an comprehensive eulogy, hard copies of which can be obtained by sending me a DL SAE.

Sadly in circulating this news I learnt ot two more deaths, Elizabeth Hogg (our Canadian lady)  on 18th May this year, and Glyn Davies (music tutor) last year, Furthermore a trawl of the Probate Registry (Manchester Office) found a record of the following deaths:-  Agnes Barlow on 19th January 2016,  Hildegard Maria Brooker on 10th May 2015,  Dorothy Margaret Keeley on 9th July 2013,  Jean Murray on 11th August 2016,  and Joan Shelley on 10th December 2014.    

Finally a reminder that the Wilmslow Guild are holding two Residential Weekends in 2018; Geology on 24th/25th March and Wellbeing on 28th/29th April. Fuller details can be obtained from the Wilmslow Guild website, their 2017/18 brochure,  or by ringing them on 01625 523903.  Their lecture courses now take place at several locations other than Wilmsow, particularly Macclesfield and Prestbury.

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