RETURN OF A KING: The Restoration of Charles II


Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Andrew Jones

The Restoration of Charles II did not resolve the major political and religious issues that had resulted in civil war. How was Charles II to promote and maintain national unity? He had to face the new party political system within Parliament, as well as the deep religious divisions within England. By 1685, England once more stood on the brink of civil war …

April 11           Interregnum: The Republic (1649 -1659) [MJ]

April 18           Restoration: Charles II (1660-1674) [AJ]

April  25          Disaster: Plague and Fire (1665-1666) [MJ]

May    2              Conflict: The Anglo-Dutch Wars (1652-1674) [MJ]

May    9              Conspiracy: Titus Oates  (1674-1685) [AJ]

May 16              Crisis: The Glorious Revolution (1685-1688) [AJ]

May  23             Constitutional Monarchy: William & Mary (1689-1702) [MJ]

May  30             Forging a Union:

                             The genesis of the United Kingdom (1706-1707) [KH]

June   1             Queen Anne and the New Century (1702-1714) [MJ]

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