Reading Latin – Sallust, De Coniuratione Catilinae

Birgitta Hoffmann

Sallust’s description of the Catilinarian conspiracy is a wide ranging account of Rome in the first century BC in the middle of political upheaval that would soon descend into civil war. This course is going to concentrate on the account of the senate meetings in which Cicero exposed the Conspiracy. We will translate Sallust and compare some of the passages with the Ciceronian speeches.

The text passages will be provided. But a Latin-English Dictionary and grammar may be helpful. Newcomers are always welcome¸ but should ensure that their Latin is up to an advanced reading class; feel free to ask to come for a trial session, if you are unsure.

Day: Mondays Time: 1.40-3.40 pm
8 sessions, starting 17th October, 2016

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