Reading Latin: Caesar, Gallic War – The War against Ariovistus

Birgitta Hoffmann

Having defeated the Helvetians, Caesar next turns against the Germans under their leader Ariovist, who are crossing the Rhine ‘invading’ Gaul. This ‘Campaign against Ariovist’ will be the focus of the Autumn course.
We will continue to translate and discuss the text as well as alternating with grammar exercises and exercises of translating English into Latin. In addition, we will be reading passages from the later books and the Gallic War to study particular grammatical usage.

For the grammar exercises we are using Wilding’s, Latin course for schools. Vol. 3.
Learning materials will be provided, but a Latin/English dictionary will be useful.

Newcomers are always welcome but should ensure that they are familiar with the material in Wilding’s up to Volume 3, feel free to ask to come for a trial session, if you are unsure.

Day: Thursdays, Time: 6.30-8.30pm
10 sessions, starting from 28th September 2017.

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Wilmslow, SK9 5PL

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