Reading Latin on Monday: Livy, Ab Urbe Condita Book 1

Birgitta Hoffmann

Between 27 BC and 9BC Titus Livius wrote a monumental history of Rome from the arrival of Aeneas to his own time, hence Ab urbe condita (from the foundation of the town).  Only about a quarter of the original work survives, including the first books relating many of the early stories of the foundation of Rome.

The course will be reading Book 1 and start at chapter 9.  The text will be provided, but if you prefer a text with annotations, we recommend the Bristol Classical Press edition, which can be got from a range of sellers, including here. A Latin/English dictionary will be very useful.

Newcomers are always welcome but should ensure that they are familiar with Latin Grammar and vocabulary at roughly A-level or beyond, feel free to ask to come for a trial session if you are unsure.

Day: Mondays          Time: 2-3.30 pm
10 sessions, starting on 28th September 2020 to 29th November 2020

Venue/Virtual Learning Environment

For 4-7 students

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£8/session n/a 4 7

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