Vouchers for our Spring 2021 courses

Do you know somebody who is stuck at home over the winter, but enjoys learning with other mature students?

The tickets that can be exchanged towards the ticket prices of any MANCENT Spring 2021 courses. The details of the available courses can be found at www.mancent.co.uk and we accept students from all over the planet, but please check for the time difference. All our course are advertised as GMT.

The tickets are transferable, this means you can buy them as a gift for somebody else. When using them, please, mention the order number of the tickets (or send a copy of the confirmation email with your booking), so that they can be cross-referenced by the course organisers.

Vouchers must be redeemed before 1st March 2021, after which they expire. Please note, vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or anything but course tickets for the Spring 2021 courses.

Please, note the Terms & Conditions of MANCENT apply to all courses.

<a href=”https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vouchers-for-mancent-spring-2021-courses-tickets-134103608503?ref=elink” target=”_blank” style=”color:#6891C6″>Buy vouchers through Eventbrite</a>

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