In Search of Schubert

Dr Gareth Curtis

Franz Schubert’s career was short and, at the time, completely overshadowed by that of Beethoven. So much is well established – indeed, apart from some of his songs, very little of his music entered the public domain until some time after his death in 1828.

Nowadays, of course, we tend to view Beethoven as the hero-artist whose greatest masterpieces were designed to address the public at large. But how then should we approach Schubert, most of whose output was written for small groups of friends and acquaintances? How did this affect the sort of composer he became? How did it influence the types of music he wrote (e.g. the emphasis on song), and the style he cultivated? What was he trying to achieve, and what did he expect of his listeners? In short, how should we ‘read’ him – not by comparison with someone like Beethoven, but as an artist on his own terms? This course will explore these and other topics in relation to music from all stages in Schubert’s career.

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