Lapita – The Polynesian World at the Fringes of the Silkroad

Birgitta Hoffmann

In the same way, the land sections of the Silkroad in the Northern steppes are border area that was able to tap into and benefit from the Silkroad itself, thus the Maritime Silkroads in the Pacific were surrounded by people who lived at the margins of this trade routes and were able to benefit from them.

The largest group of these is the Polynesian World stretching from New Zealand/ Aotearoa to Hawaii. The material culture that links these thousands of islands is known as Lapita and its navigational and trading achievements are on a par with other trading nations in the Pacific.

This day school will explore Lapita culture and expansion, and its points of contact with other people in the area. 

Dayschool: Saturday, 15 June 2024      Time: 11.00– 16.00 GMT


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