Producing for the Legion or Production by the Legion?


A Day Conference on Saturday, 24 September, 2016 Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester

Roman legionary fortresses and their surrounding civilian towns were huge centres of trade and production for their provinces. But who was producing and for whom? Were the civilian towns just service providers for the legions or were the legions tapping into a “manufacturing base” that was developing amongst the civilians? On the other hand, was legionary production limited to the area inside the fortress defences or was the legion using space out in the civilian settlements or beyond producing for its own needs?

Preliminary Programme

10.30 Arrival and Registration

11.00 B. Hoffmann, Introduction

11.30 Peter Carrington (Chester), Chester: dispersed production and consumption?
12.00 John Salvatore, A distribution centre? The mid-1st century Roman military supply base at St Loye’s,

12.30 David Woolliscroft (Roman Gask Project), “Geophysical/fieldwalking survey at Inchtuthil fortress and the evidence for production and market activity”

13.00-13.45 Lunch

13.45-1415 Orsolya Lang (Aquincum, MAG), “New customers in sight? New data on glue and leather production in the Aquincum civil town”

14.15- 14.45 Birgitta Hoffmann (Roman Gask Project), “Sourcing manufactured supplies for the Rhine legions”.

14.45-15.15 Patrick Ottaway (York) ‘A northern powerhouse?’ Archaeological evidence for manufacturing by the Roman legions at Eboracum (Roman York).

14.15- 15.40 Coffee

15.40-16.10 Paul Franzen (Nijmegen, NL), In search of a most logical element of a Roman fortress on the frontier: where is the harbour?

16.10-16.40 Stefanie Hoss (Nijmegen, NL), ‘The making of…. military equipment. Different production systems: many questions and some answers”

16.40-17.10 Sue Stallibrass, “Livestock for the legions: questions of scale and timing”

17.10 -17.30 Conclusions and Farewell

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