Welcome to MANCENT.

The Manchester Continuing Education Network (MANCENT), is a loose network of independent lecturers and students with a firm belief that Continuing Education at a high level should be available to all who want it.

It tries to match interested students with highly qualified and experienced Continuing Education and University lecturers in the Arts and Sciences.

Latest News:

10 June 2024: 
From now until the 1 September we will be adding our courses for Summer and Autumn 2024. Feel free to explore our new online booking facility for a select number of courses


A current version of our catalogue in booklet form can be found here: MANCENT programme Summer 2024

How it works:

MANCENT operates as a loose network allowing independent self-employed lecturers to choose their own fees and venues, while offering students the convenience of a one-stop shop when looking for courses in their field of interest, by offering a joint listing of all events.

Face-to-Face and online

Our Face-to-Face courses take place in various locations throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire, with day trips further afield.  Of necessity, they address themselves to a mostly British audience – although if you are in the area as a tourist or on business you are very welcome.

We also have online courses, known as: 

MANCENT School of the Air
—–Online courses for everyone -everywhere. 

MANCENT School of the Aircomplete with our very own project mascot: Kylie. Since 2020 we enjoy the company of a large number of you and your friends from all over the world  using Zoom, to learn about archaeology, literature, history and politics. 
Over the last four years our online courses have gone from strength to strength and we are looking forward to continuing them into 2024/5.

All courses can be booked by completing the MANCENT booking form and accompanying it with a cheque for the correct fee to the course lecturer (or – if that is not possible – to the Course Director). As of Summer 2024 you can also book a limited number of courses directly through this web site. Please follow the Link: BUY COURSES ONLINE at the top of this page

Some of our online courses have also Eventbrite links that allow you to pay safely online – alternatively, contact your course lecturer for BACS or Paypal details. 

If you want to register from outside the UK, we recommend booking through this webpage,  using the Eventbrite links provided or alternatively, contact the course lecturer to send you a PayPal invoice. 

Our Privacy Notice can be found Here: MANCENT Privacy Notice.

Payment via Eventbrite:
Please note, that if you choose to pay via Eventbrite your personal data will be handled by them in accordance with THEIR privacy policies. MANCENT itself does not send any data to Eventbrite. If you wish to avoid giving your data to Eventbrite, please contact your lecturer to arrange other forms of payment.