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Ovid is possibly the most versatile of the Augustan poets ranging from the lighthearted banter of the Ars Amatoria to the regrets of the Tristia. But the best-known poem is probably the Metamorphoses, a collection of mythological stories that included the transformation of one of the protagonists. The Heroides is a collection of fictitious letters in which Ovid takes the view of the women, who get married, abandoned, replaced or mistreated by the the more famous Greek Heroes like Odysseus or Herakles

Known since the Middle Ages these stories are some of the earliest stories with females as the lead and are extremely well observed and expressed by Ovid.

We will start this term with the 8th letter: from Hermione and Orestes, and will progress to Deidameia and Herakles and finish with Ariadne and Theseus.

Newcomers are always welcome but should ensure that they are familiar with Latin Grammar and vocabulary at roughly A-level or beyond, feel free to ask to come for a trial session if you are unsure.

Reading list:
Any complete (!) edition of Ovid’s Heroides will do, the poems are available at (

Day: Mondays          Time: 14.00-15.30 BST
10 sessions, starting on 30 September 2024, with a half-term break at October 28, 2024

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£120 n/a 4 7

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