The inka fortress at Cuzco

The Conquest of Peru: Incas & Conquistadores

Michael Tunnicliffe

In the 1520’s and 1530’s the Spanish Conquistadores led by Francisco Pizarro and his
brothers encountered and defeated the extensive Inca Empire led by it new ruler Atahualpa.
But, unlike in Mexico, the resistance lasted longer as other Inca rulers retreated into the
jungle areas. In addition the Spaniards quarrelled ferociously among themselves, and the full
story of the middle years of the 16th century will be told. Nevertheless the indigenous people
of the Andes are still there on the streets of Cusco and the villages of the mountain region.
Using images from a visit there in 2010 the ongoing culture of the area will be explored in
order to balance the story of “conquest”.

Recommended Reading:

Kim Macquarrie 2007 The Last Days of the Incas Piatkus

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