From Alexandra to Cleopatra

Michael Tunnicliffe

Alexander the Great died suddenly in June 323BC leaving no immediate heir. His last words were “to the strongest” and for the next 40 years his successor generals fought for and carved up his lands. The subsequent 300 years is known as the Hellenistic Age in which Greek ideas mingled with the traditions of the east. Meantime in the west new powers were stirring in Carthage and Rome, which would have severe implications for Greece itself. This course tells the 300 year history from the last days of Alexander to the death of the last Greek queen of Egypt Cleopatra in 30BC.

Recommended Reading:

  • G Shipley The Greek World after Alexander Routledge 2000
  • B Bennet & M Roberts The Wars of Alexander’s Successors 323-281 Pen and Sword 2008
  • G Hölbl A History of the Ptolemaic Empire Routledge 2001

Day:  Tuesdays         Time: 10.00-12.00 

START DATE: 10 weeks, from 16 January  to 26th March, 2024
with a half-term break on February  20th.

Please note: this is a face-to-face course.

Quaker Meeting House
91 Station Road
Cheadle Hulme

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