Acts of the Apostles: Chapters 1-19

Michael Tunnicliffe

For his second volume, Luke gives an account of the early church and the spread of Christianity. Beginning with the likes of Peter, John, and Stephen in Jerusalem he gradually widened, his scope to missionaries like Philip and, above all, Paul. It is the only “church history” work in the New Testament and so is an invaluable primary source. We will look at how and why he tells the story the way he does, of the place of early Christianity in the social worlds of the first-century Greco-Roman period, and what the archaeology of many of the sites can tell us

Bring a bible

Recommended reading:

  • Any up-to-date commentary on Acts

Day:  Tuesdays         Time: 13.00-15.00 

START DATE: 10 weeks, from 16 January to 26th March 2024, with a half-term break on 20th February 2024

Please note: this is a face-to-face course.

Birch Community Centre,
Brighton Grove,
Manchester, M14 5JT

Price for the Series: 

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£80 8 15

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