Mornings with a Masterpiece: Monteverdi 1610 – not just the Vespers

Rosemary Broadbent

The volume of music published by Monteverdi in 1610 is famous as the source of the work now known as ‘the Monteverdi Vespers’. The publication contains some of the most magnificent music of the period – grand choral psalms, innovative chamber duets, and dancing instrumental interludes which are only a short step away from the opera house. But it is easy to neglect the music which is actually the headline work on the title page – Missa Senis Vocibus – a Mass for Six Voices.

To give the fullest picture of Monteverdi’s achievement, we shall consider the whole publication in these two sessions, including the neglected but moving Mass In illo tempore. Taking the publication as a whole revives the question of how Monteverdi intended the collection to be performed. How confident can we be that the composer would have recognised the performances which bear his name today?

Thursday February 22nd                10am – 12.30pm        and     

 Thursday February 29th                  10am – 12.30pm       

Each morning will consist of two one-hour lectures/discussions delivered via Zoom. There will be a twenty-minute break for coffee, during which the meeting will remain open for informal conversation.

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