SILKROAD Studies: Trade in Southeast Asia

Birgitta Hoffmann

An Introduction to the Maritime Silkroad in the South China Sea and the Indonesian Archipelago

Southeast Asia is the first zone in the Maritime Trade Route going East, when China becomes the dominant partner. At the same time, it is a zone of smaller interlocking trade zones and trade partners whose trade links are in some cases several thousand years old.

11th January The earliest Traces of trade in the Archipelago

18th January  The Kra Peninsula and the rise of Chaya and Kedah

25th January Trading along the Mekong: The ‘kingdom of Funan’

1st February: Khmer and Champa the link to India?

8th February: The Spice islands before the Europeans

15th February Half-term

22nd February Srivijaya – between Chinese sources and Sumatran archaeology

29th February: The Mongol invasion of Java…

7th March …and the kingdom of Raden Wijaya

14th March The early history of Malacca

21st March The Arrival of the Chinese Traders in the Archipelago

Please note all lectures will be recorded and distributed to the participants at the beginning of the next week. This should allow participants from different time zones, or those working catching up with the lectures.

Day: Thursdays        Time: 2-4 pm GMT/BST

10 weeks starting 11th January 2024, with Half-term on 15th of February

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