Mithraism and other Roman mystery religions

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Birgitta Hoffmann

A survey of Roman Mystery religions from the 1-4th century

Day: Fridays.                     Time: 14.00-16.00 pm GMT/BST

10 weeks starting 4 October 2024, with half-term on 1 November 2024



Away from the demands of the Roman state religions or the continuing traditions of the indigenous population the Roman Empire had room for a large number of personalised religious experiences, the so-called mystery religions, whose cults might make very different demands on the use of any given space. Some of these cults very highly localised, such as Eleusis. Others such as Mithras were spread across the entire Roman Empire.

This course will look at Mithraism and other sites of various mystery religions and explore in how far the written record and the archaeology help us to understand how these religions were practised.

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Christian Archaeology 400-500AD

Series Ticket, 26 April Egypt and Syria, 3 May Constantinople and the Aegean, 10 May Africa, 17 May Rome, 24 May Gaul and Germany, 7 June Pulling it together: Early Christianity in Britain