The Hand that rocks the Cradle – the Severan Empresses

Birgitta Hoffmann

For the first two hundred years it was understood that the Roman Emperor had to be a man, preferably able to lead the Roman armies in person, and thus it remained until Septimius Severus. In the aftermath of his death the family of his wife Julia Domna produced a series of women that were not only able to act as the power behind the throne as efficiently as anything Livia had achieved, but also established the concept of the regency for an under age emperor, usually with them as leader of the regency council.

This dayschool will look at these women and their children and explore how they managed their power and how they laid the foundations for child emperors in late antiquity and Constantinople.

Dayschool: Saturday,  19th October 2024      Time: 11.00– 16.00 GMT


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