April 5-12th, 2019: Study Tour to the Appian Way

Dr. Margaret Curtis will lead from April 5-April 12th, 2019 a study tour to the Via Appia starting from Brundisium/Brindisi and ending in Rome.

The tour will cover the major sites along the route, as well as the chance to walk the old route in Latium, where it is well preserved.


5th April: Flight to Brindisi and transfer to hotel at Polignano

6th April: visit the site at Cannae and the Roman remains of Beneventum

7th April: Visit Capua/Capua Vetere and the Roman town of Sinuessa

8th April: Formia and  Terracina

9th April: The temple of Diana at Ariccia, Lake Albano/Albanum and Lake Nemi

10th April: The Via Appia at Ariccia and Albanum

11th April: Approaching Rome: the via Appia on the approaches to Rome.

12th April: return to the UK:

Price: 1,272 GBP plus flights
(for suggested flights: MAN/BDS  16.50 – 21.00 on April 6th with Ryanair and FCO/MAN  12.10 – 14.15 on April 13th with Jet2)

Detailed programme and booking form

there will be a day-school on Oct 30, 2017, at Cross Street Chapel to introduce you to the sites.