LAMB Guild Autumn 2017


At the recent AGM held at Chancellors on 14th May it was decided to start the process of winding-up the Lamb Guild of Holly Royde. It was agreed that the Lamb Guild’s own accounts should be disposed of by making a grant of £1,500 to MANCENT and donating the remaining money to the Wilmslow Guild in support of their progamme of Residential Courses, an initial £10,000 being transferred as soon as practicable.

The £1,500 grant to MANCENT has already been paid, but it is necessary to close two of the NS&I Investment Accounts  to fund the initial £10,000 donation to the Wilmslow Guild. The Albert Bradshaw Award has just been closed to be followed by the Hughes Scholarship Fund. Following this donation the Lamb Guild will have remaining assets of approximately £ 3,950 split between our Barclays Current Account and our General NS&I Investment Account.    

The question of the Sybil Lamb Bequest has still to be resolved. I have now obtained a copy of Sybil Lamb’s Will from the Central Probate Registry and, unfortunately, it is clear the money was left to the University rather than to the Lamb Guild, the wording of the second legacy in the will being simply  “(2) To Holly Royde College  Withington   Manchester the sum of TWO THOUSAND POUNDS  (£2,000,)”. We have the late Professor R D Waller to thank for the income from this “bequest” being used for the benefit of the Lamb Guild for forty years!

As the University appears to have little documentation on the Sybil Lamb Bequest I have forwarded them a dossier including my summary of R D Waller’s Residential  College booklet and Sybil Lamb’s will. Their response is awaited.

My Notes of the recent AGM have been completed and an MS Word copy may be obtained by e-mailing:-                             


or a hard copy by sending a DL(11cm x 22cm) SAE to:-

           D J Thorpe, 7 Severn Close, Biddulph, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST8 7PG

The Wilmslow Guild are holding two Residential Weekends in 2018; Geology on 24th/25th March and Wellbeing on 28th/29th April. Fuller details can be obtained from the Wilmslow Guild website, their new brochure,  or by ringing them on 1625 523903.

David J Thorpe