The Viking Age C. 800 – C. 1100

Damian Tyler

The Viking peoples of Scandinavia burst onto the historical stage in the late eighth century, and for the next three hundred years had a massive impact on the history of Europe and beyond. Their activities took them from the Arctic to the Mediterranean and from the Volga to the coasts of North America – as raiders, looters, plunderers and pirates, but also as traders, settlers and farmers. Who were these people, what were they like and why were they so influential? Making extensive use of original sources (in translation) this course firstly looks at politics, society, religion and literature in the Viking homelands. After this we will turn our attention outward and examine their incursions in the British Isles, Western Europe, Russia and the North Atlantic.

Recommended reading:

  • Jones, G, A History of the Vikings (Oxford University Press, 2001)

  • Haywoood, J., The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings (Penguin, 1995)

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