Antoninus Pius – and his court

Birgitta Hoffmann

The over twenty years of Antoninus Pius suffers from a singular lack of ‘normal’ historical sources, which makes writing a normal biography difficult. This course is reviewing the evidence for his reign and how we know about it. We will also be focusing on why it has the reputation of being the heighday of the Roman Empire


25 January – reconstructing the life of a cipher. Antoninus before the accession

1 February – Running the Roman Empire in the mid 2nd century – the civil service at its most efficient

8 February -Expanding in Britain – The Antonine Wall

15 February – Expanding in Germany and Africa – the Limes and the Outer Fossatum

1 March – Bringing up the princes – the role of Fronto and Herodes Atticus

8 March – Murder and other scandals – Lives of the courtiers

15 March – Antonine palaces – Villa Magna and the myth of the frugal emperor

22 March – Succession and the women at the court of Antoninus Pius

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