From ‘Disaster’ to Republic: Spain in Crisis 1898-1936

Alan Sennett

This ten-week course looks at Spain in crisis, from its 1898 defeat by America and loss of most of its remaining empire up to the crisis of the Second Republic in the summer of 1936.  We consider economic, political, social, and cultural changes over this period with particular focus upon the problems of modernisation, authoritarianism, regionalism (Catalan and Basque nationalisms) and rise of political radicalism. It will be followed by a five-week course on Spain’s Civil War (1936-39) in the summer term.

Day: Tuesdays              Time:  10.00-12.00

10 weeks, starting 9th January 2018

Union Chapel,
Wellington Road
Manchester M14 6EQ

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£60 n/a 12 30

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