First Contact: Spain and the Conquest of the New World

Damian Tyler

At the very end of the middle ages the Spanish ‘discovered’ a ‘New World’ in the Americas. Though ‘New’ to Europeans, the American continent had been inhabited for millennia, and there was a long tradition of civilized life in parts of Central and South America. Within half a century Spanish explorers, colonists and conquistadores had encountered and destroyed three advanced civilizations – the Mexica (better known as the Aztecs), the Maya and the Incas. This course compares and contrasts Spain and the three American civilizations on the eve of first contact, then traces the history of these contacts and considers the factors which enabled tiny groups of Europeans to conquer, overwhelm and ultimately destroy great, powerful and populous civilizations.

Recommended reading
No supplementary reading is necessary for this course, but those wishing to investigate more deeply might look at the following:

M. D. Coe, The Maya, Thames and Hudson, 2015.

R. F. Townsend, The Aztecs, Thames and Hudson, 2010.

T. N. D’Altroy, The Incas, Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

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