Terracotta armies and underground heavenly palaces the early tombs of the Chinese emperors

Birgitta Hoffmann

After the tomb of Qin Shuang Di the idea of providing the Chinese Emperor with a palace for eternity did not die out. Instead, we find up to the end of the 8th century numerous examples of underground palaces and graves with terracotta armies – although never again at the size of the First Emperor. The graves and the ‘armies’ demonstrate changes in fashion as well as focus of the Chinese Empire from Warriors to court ladies and musicians to large caravans and herds of horses and camels.
This day-school will provide an introduction to these fascinating sites.

Dayschool: Friday, 1 June 2018            Time: 11am– 4pm.

Wilmslow Parish Hall
Cliff Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 4AA


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*£28, if booked before, 15 May  2018.

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