Cosmopolitan Sympathies: European Perspectives on World War I


Barry Wood

Owen, Sassoon, Rosenberg, Graves, Thomas: the British poets of the First World War are familiar enough and will doubtless be referred to during the commemorations for the end of the war this autumn. But Trakl, Stramm, Lichtenstein, Apollinaire, Cendrars, Ungaretti, Marinetti? The names are less familiar to us although no less distinctive and distinguished. The aim of this course will be to extend our “cosmopolitan sympathies”(the phrase is Rosenberg’s) in order to explore and understand the experience and perspectives of a number of German, Austrian, French and Italian poets and assess their individual insights and achievements. In addition to the poetry we will also consider extracts from some prose writings by, for example, Barbusse and Remarque.

Recommended Reading.
Notable translations of texts for discussion will be distributed during the course. Trakl, Apollinaire, and Ungaretti have been particularly well translated; and the succinct, imagistic style of these poets generally (it could be argued) raises fewer questions about the translatability of their work.

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