DEEP STATE – Our Electronic Age and Donald J. Trump

Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis et al.

We consider the questions:
Is “Deep State” a conspiracy of entrenched political elites, working against the will of the American people?
How did the Alt-Right use the social media to channel popular anger against the Washington establishment?
How did Donald Trump successfully exploit this situation in 2016?   

Oct     2           What is Deep State? [MJ]
Oct     9           The Washington Establishment [MJ]
Oct  16            Key Players: The US Military-Industrial Complex [KH]
Oct  23            Key Players: The US Intelligence Community [KH]
Oct  30            Key Players: The National Rifle Association [MJ]
Nov    6            Impact of the Social Media [MJ]
Nov 13             Rise of the Alt Right [MJ]
Nov 20            Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential Election [MJ]

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