The reign of Commodus and the Year of the Five (!) Emperors

Birgitta Hoffmann

This term we will be studying the end of the Adoptive Emperors and the Civil War that followed

24 January                 Peace at the frontier: Commodus and his father’s wars
31 January                 Perennis and Cleander: the regency?
7 February                 The Lucy effect: when you really hate your big sisters.
14 February               Domus Divina: When the emperor becomes a god
21 February (half-term)  The amphitheatre in the late second century
28 February               The end of the dynasty: when the god becomes a monster
7 March                     Didius Julianus and the power of the Praetorian guard
14 March                  Helvius Pertinax: the first of the soldier emperors
21 March                  Clodius Albinus and Britain at the end of the 2nd century AD
28 March                    The final battle at Lyon: Septimius Severus against Clodius Albinus

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