Gerald of Wales – Descriptio Cambriae Book II and Itinerarium

Birgitta Hoffmann

Gerald of Wales was born near Swansea and served at the court of Henry II. His Description of Wales is an idiosyncratic attempt to explain his Wales (which was mainly the South and Southwest of the principality) to the English court. His choices of subjects are at times engaging and sometimes funny, and his Latin is impressive in its purity, while still beholden to the fact that he spoke both Norman French and Welsh.

Book Two of the Descriptio Cambriae deals with the problems Gerald saw in Wales, while the Itinerarium is his record of a journey through Wales with the Archbishop in Canterbury and contains amongst others the first description of Roman remains in Wales.

Learning materials will be provided, but a Latin/English dictionary will be useful.

Newcomers are always welcome but should ensure that they are familiar with Latin Grammar and vocabulary at roughly A-level or beyond, feel free to ask to come for a trial session if you are unsure.

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