Painting in the Low Countries

Nirvana Romell

PART 3 – 1600s: The Golden Age

Dutch independence brought unprecedented prosperity which, in turn, inspired further blossoming of an already developed art world in the Netherlands. Artists practiced high levels of specialisation in subject matters such as portrait, landscape, genre and still life, with major cities developing particular preferences dependent on the local socio-economic context. Vermeer, Hals, Van Goyen, van Honthorst, van Ruysdael and others will be discussed, with special focus on Rembrandt, who summarised many features of the Northern school in his astonishing opus.

Many artists in the Catholic Flanders followed the specialisation route of their Dutch colleagues. Those close to the court – like Teniers, Jordaens, Rubens and Van Dycke – turned to the baroque arts of Counter-Reformation. Rubens, in particular, with his life and work combined the northern and southern artistic tendencies and practices which will be discussed.

Date: Friday 4th October            Time: 10.30am – 4pm

Methodist Central Hall,
Aston Room;
Oldham Street,
Manchester, M1 1JQ

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