Paul’s Earliest Letters

Michael Tunnicliffe

This free session will be offered through the online conference facility Zoom (

This session had to be postponed because of COVID in March. It is open to the original members of the group and also to any newcomers who want to experience the Zoom way of delivering courses.

This Zoom session will look at the last two chapters of Paul’s important letter to the Galatians. The Apostle confronts a difficult pastoral situation in a church that seems to be drifting away from his version of the Gospel.

Special requirements:
Have a Bible to hand

Recommended reading:
Any up to date commentary on Galatians

Day: Tuesday 14th July 2020       Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm

Price Minimum No. Maximum No.
Free 5 20

To reserve a place contact Michael Tunnicliffe

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