2016 Autumn

As of today, 19 August 2016, all of our Autumn courses for 2016 are online and can now be booked. We hope you find something of interest for you. Please take a look at our current programme, which you can find by clicking the dropdown menues or the in the sidebar or by  downloading the full booklet here: MANCENTProgAut2016-3

Our first event in the Autumn will be our traditional Autumn MANCENT conference, this year about Roman archaeology and specifically about how Roman legions supply themselves. Did they do it themselves, or did they contract out. We have brought in a number of experts from all over Europe to talk about not only our local Legionary fortresses of Chester and York, but also about those in the North and South of Roman Britain (Inchtuthil and Exeter) as well as Nijmegen, the Rhine and Danube legions. Why not join us?

Below we have our activity calendar, as you can see from the end September to the middle of December we have activities on most days, frequently more than one course, please switch between the month and list view to see all events. Alternatively, you can find all courses in the side bar. If there is more than one course for a particular subject, they are listed individually on the side bar.

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