The Crusades

Damian Tyler

Once seen as glorious episodes of European history, more recently the Crusades have often been depicted negatively, as an early example of colonialism. This introductory course will attempt to achieve a balanced picture by examining the history the Crusading movement from the late eleventh-century to the fourteenth century using a variety of primary source material (in translation). Topics covered include the origins of the Crusades, the First Crusade, the establishment of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the other Crusader states, society in the Latin east, Muslim, Jewish and Byzantine perspectives on the Crusades, the fall of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade, and the later Crusades.

Recommended reading (for publication in brochure):

  • Asbridge, T., The Crusades – The War for the Holy Land, Simon & Schuster, 2012.
  • Riley-Smith, J, The Crusades: A History, Continuum, 2005.

Day:  Friday  Time: 11.00-13.00

5 week course from Friday 20th January to 17th February 2017

The Library,
St Peter’s House,
Oxford Road (Precinct Centre),
M13 9GH

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£50 n/a 8 14

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