Jean Renoir’s La Bête Humaine

Alan Sennett and John Cochrane

Released in 1938 just as Europe was sliding towards disaster, La Bête Humaine (The Human Beast) captures many of the dark themes of Zola’s 1890 novel.  In 1938 France was in deep political crisis, Spain gripped by Civil War and Hitler was revealing his aggressive intent.  This day school will show Renoir’s 1938 masterpiece in sections, setting it in historical context, exploring its production history and discussing its huge significance.  We will consider the film within the shifting climate of France’s Popular Front period as optimism gave way to pessimism and fear.

Day- School: Monday 27th March    Time: 10.30-16.30

Cross Street Chapel,
Cross Street,
M2 1NL

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£40 n/a 12 30

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