Ancient World Summer lectures: Building Rome.


Birgitta Hoffmann

10 May – Building Rome I – I found a city of bricks
The majority of buildings of the 1st century AD and later was built of bricks, and the large clay deposits of the Tiber valley offered the raw materials for a brick making industry that supplied the materials. Thanks to the Roman brickstamps we can reconstruct the organization of this industry.

17 May – Building Rome II –….and made it a city of marble
Covering the public brick structures that made up Rome was potentially a large range of coloured ‘marbles’ imported from all over the empire. A monopoly of the emperor the use of marble quickly became a status symbol and the control marks allow us to reconstruct the organization of its import to and distribution in Rome.

31 May – Building Rome III – Roman Concrete – the magic ingredient Underneath the brick and marble skins, it the Roman concrete – hard durable and chap. Roman Concrete and its specific construction technique made a lot of the Roman building styles possible and its use is what allowed many buildings to survive at least in part to this day.

7 June – Building Rome IV – Putting it all together
What do we know of the actual building contractors and architects in Rome, how was their work organized, where were their workshops, how did they recruit their manpower.


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