CHINA: 1644-2018

Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Andrew Jones

With strength to lift mountains and the spirit to take on the world
Xiang Yu, Gai Xia Ge (Traditional Song)We examine the turbulent history of China in the modern era – its collapse, civil war, revolution and resurgence. By 2001, China was indeed ready “to take on the world”.


April 10          Crisis: Ch’ing Dynasty in decline (1644-1800) [KH]

April 17          Infiltration: Western Penetration (1800-1870) [AJ]

April  24         Collapse: Scramble for China (1870 -1911) [KH]

May  1              Meltdown: The Warlord Era (1911-1937) [MJ]

May  8              Annihilation: The Pacific and Civil Wars  (1937-1949) [MJ]

May  15           Rebirth: Maoist Revolution (1949-1976) [AJ]      

May  22           Resurgence: Deng Xiaoping (1976-1997) [MJ]

May  29           Expansion: China in the 21st Century (1997-2018) [MJ]


Day: Tuesdays              Time:  13.30-15.30

Eight weeks, starting 10 April – 29 May 2018

Emmanuel Church
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