Church and Society 1603-1660

Michael Tunnicliffe

Religion was major issue in the early Stuart Period. James I came from a Presbyterian background but his wife converted to Catholicism. His reign saw the Gunpowder Plot, the publishing of the Authorised Version of the Bible and the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers.

As for his son, the love of ceremonial, belief in the Divine Right of Kings and a French Catholic wife alienated Charles I from the growing Puritan party in the country. The outcome was the Civil Wars and the period of both political and religious experiment under Cromwell

This course examines the twists and turns of religion in England from 1603 to 1660

Recommended reading        

Barry Coward 2011 (4th ed.) The Stuart Age  Routledge
Christopher Hill 1991 The World Turned Upside Down  Penguin
Diane Purkiss 2007 The English Civil Wars Harper Perennial

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