Amarna – A Tale of Two Cities: Text and Image

Jo Backhouse & Michael Tunnicliffe

During the Amarna period some of the most striking works of art from ancient Egypt were created.  Religious change was the impetus for innovation in both architecture and art.  During this creative revolution, Egypt was a powerful nation in a network of city-state. Text reveals the interaction between Egypt and her neighbours. By studying both the art and transcripts this study day will examine both the internal and external factors which shaped this epoch.

Recommended reading (for publication in brochure):

Arnold, D. (1997) The Royal Women of Amarna, New York: The Metropolitan Museum.
Stevens. A. (2006) Private Religion at Amarna, Oxford: Archaeopress.
Moran, W. L., (Ed.) (1992) The Amarna letters / edited and translated by William L. Moran, Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.

DayschoolSaturday,  19th May  2018    Time: 10.30am– 4.30pm

Cross Street Chapel
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