On Display – How Exhibitions and museums present themselves

Anthony Burton

Museum galleries and exhibitions offer an interesting means of communication, involving words and concepts, but even more importantly things and pictures.  This day school, conducted by someone who has been involved in many types of exhibition, and has taught about exhibitions on a university course, unpacks some of the tricks of the trade, offers some more philosophical observations on visual communication, and makes some links with computers, marketing, and other relevant current issues.  There is more to it than just hanging a lot of things on a wall!

Dayschool: Saturday,  9th June 2018    Time: 10.30am– 4.30pm

Cross Street Chapel
Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£40 6 16

Send bookings to: Anthony Burton, c/o  Birgitta Hoffmann,  55 Broadwalk, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5PL

email: latinteacher@btinternet.com phone: 07747 533 070


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