End of All Wars? Versailles 1919 and After

Kevin Harrison, Martin R Jervis, Andrew Jones, Alan Sennett

One hundred years ago, the Paris Peace Conference determined the politico-geographical map of Europe, with the aim of preventing future wars on the Continent. This 10 week course will examine the first-ever experiment in the establishment of the collective security principle. We consider the following questions. How successful were the peace planners? What internal and external political pressures did they have to contend with? Why did the Paris Peace Conference fail to prevent the rise of the totalitarian regimes?

May    1           Paris 1919: Making the World safe for democracy? (AJ)
May    8           Germany in Turmoil: Civil War (MJ)
May   15         The Balkans and the Hapsburg Empire Break-Up  (MJ)
May    22        Catastrophe; The Russian Civil War (MJ)
May    29        Rebirth: Poland and the Baltic Republics (KH)
June    5     The Middle East and the League of Nations Mandates (AS)
June    12       A New Beginning: The league of Nations (AS)
June    19      The American Retreat into Isolationism (AJ)

Day: Wednesdays         Time: 13.30-15.30
Eight Weeks, starting May 1- June 19, 2019

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