Septimius Severus and Caracalla

Birgitta Hoffmann

A closer look into the reign of the first two Severan emperors and how they changed Rome

3rd October               Justifying a coup – Severus’s and the Antonines

10th October            Septimius Severus in Rome

17th October           The rise of the military

24th October           Julia Domna and the role of the Augusta

7th November         Severan building in Rome and Africa

14th November      The Severans in Britain

21st November      No competition? – Caracalla, the family and the elite

28th November      No personal skills? Caracalla in Alexandria and elsewhere

5th December         Caracalla’s Persian War

12th December      Caught short: Caracalla’s death and Macrinus


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10 weeks, starting 3 October- 12th December 2019 (with halfterm break)


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