From Seth to Satan – Evil in the Ancient Near East

Joanne Backhouse and Michael Tunnicliffe

This course will examine how the concept of evil is developed and personified in ancient Egypt and the Bible.

The gods Seth and Aphosis will be consider from the Egyptian pantheon, both key figures in the maintenance of the Egyptian cosmos. Wisdom texts illustrate the guiding principles by which the Egyptians sought to live, demonstrating the concepts of good and evil.

By contrast the figure of Satan only appears three times in the Old Testament but is much more prominent in the New. How did this change come about and what images did the biblical writers draw on for their concept of an evil force at odds with God? How did later theologians and artists develop these ideas?

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Day: Saturday 9 November 2019        Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester  M2 1NL

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