In their Times: Adventurers in Archaeology: The Real Indiana Jones

Kevin Harrison

Who was the real Indiana Jones? Explore the real stories of adventure, courage and danger in the ‘Heroic Age’ of archaeology. Meet the men who rediscovered the Ancient Near East. Here are the genuine tales of adventure and derring-do behind our knowledge of the civilisations of the ancient Near East.

Austen Henry Layard, Howard Carter & Lord Carnarvon, Leonard Woolley, Catherwood & Stevens, Young & Champollion, Burckhardt, Yigal Yadin, and Mortimer Wheeler: they sometimes risked all to explore ancient ruins and seek out the treasures of Egypt, Sumer, the Maya, Babylon, Assyria and ancient Israel. These are stories that often involved deceit, danger, and ruthless ambition in the pursuit of fame and glory: Indiana Jones? Indeed!

Each class will be accompanied with illustrations and some of the surviving accounts of the archaeologists themselves.

Recommended Reading:
Each class will be accompanied with illustrations and a suggested reading list for potential further study.

Day: Tuesday                                  Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm
11 weeks, 1 October to 17 December 2019
(Half term break: 29 October 2019)

Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

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£66 n/a 11 36

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