The Lives and Loves of the Ancient Egyptians: The Artisans of Deir el-Medina

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Dr Joanne Backhouse

The village of Deir el-Medina, on the west bank of Thebes, modern day Luxor, housed the artisans who created the royal tombs at the Valley of the Kings and their families. They have left behind a remarkable archive of their lives and loves. The site provides one of the best archaeological records from the ancient world, including remains of houses, objects of daily life, administrative documents, personal letters, religious dedications, in addition to tombs and funerary goods. We will use this evidence to piece together the lives and loves of the artisans and their wives, numerous of whom are known to us by name. We will see many elements of life remain constant, with workers getting drunk, skipping work and engaging in illicit affairs, which generated much gossip and moral disapproval!

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