Paul’s Earliest Letters

Michael Tunnicliffe

The Letters of St Paul comprise a major part of the New Testament and he is the first theologian of the Christian movement. We will begin our exploration of his writings by reading the very earliest letters to two of his churches. The Letters to the Thessalonians in northern Greece show his pastoral concern for the infant church and especially their worries about the second Coming of Christ. His letter to the Galatians shows us Paul at his angriest. He is aghast that the church in central Anatolia seems to be abandoning the message he first taught them. We will give close attention to the meaning of the text of these important New Testament books.

Special requirements:
Bring a Bible

Recommended reading:
Any up to date commentary on Thessalonians or Galatians

Day: Tuesday        Time: 1 – 3pm
10 weeks, 21 January to 31 March 2020
(Half term break: 18 February 2020)

Birch Community Centre, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JT

Price Concessions Minimum No. Maximum No.
£80 n/a 8 20

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