British Rule in India: Origins, The Raj & Consequences

Kevin Harrison, Creina Mansfield & Alan Sennett

This course examines Britain’s relationship with the Indian subcontinent, including its origins and impact upon the subcontinent itself.  We start with the Mughal Empire and activities of European trading empires. Next, the East India Company from its early trading role in the 17th century, through the occupation of large parts of India and ending with the 1857 Rebellion/Mutiny.  We then consider the British Raj from 1858 through to independence in 1947.  British rule over a vast population and territory will be analysed, together with discussion of European women’s experiences. The key literary products of British imperialism will be examined. Indian nationalist movements in the struggle for independence are considered in context.  The course ends with a reflection upon the impact of British rule and legacies of partition, not least the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.

Day: Tuesday                                  Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm
10 weeks, 14 January to 17 March 2020

Emmanuel Church, Didsbury

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£60 n/a

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