In their own time – Five key figures

This course will be offered through the online conference facility Zoom ( if there is sufficient interest to do so.
The Zoom platform is remarkably easy to use and accessible.

Five sessions, starting on Tuesday 21st April 2020, 10am to 12 noon

Cost: £5 per session

This course locates five key figures in the context of their historical periods. We will look at Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky as revolutionaries and political commentators on their times; Gertrude Bell, traveller, archaeologist, writer, mountaineer, British agent and political advisor; George Orwell, writer and social critic; and Hannah Arendt, philosopher and political theorist. We will assess their political and cultural impacts.

To reserve a place contact Alan Sennett
He will respond to expressions of interest with more details on getting access to Zoom and other technical issues

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