The kingdom of Sicily from the 1130 to the Sicilian Vespers in 1282.

Birgitta Hoffmann

With the creation of the kingdom of Sicily in 1130, the island of Sicily became the heart of a large kingdom that included also most of Sicily south of Naples, Malta and parts of North Africa. In the following 150 years its international outlook and composition, as well as its strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean made it the centre of much European Powerpolitcs as well as home to some amazing medieval architecture and a vibrant fusion culture combining influences from all around the Mediterranean and beyond. This dayschool will take you through the history and the surviving art and archaeology of the period from universities like the Medical School at Salerno to castles like Castel del Monte and churches like Palermo and Cefalù.

Day:  Saturday, 16th January 2021.      Time: 11.00-13.00 and 14-16.00 GMT

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